Movement and creative expression with the human form has always been part of my life. Starting with studying and teaching dance from a young age, moving then from dance to working within the fitness industry as Personal Trainer and fitness coach. My focus was on functional movement, mobility, and in all, many different formals of movement. Training in functional anatomy, myofascial release, power vinyasa styles, (inc Forrest inspired) and yin yoga.I fell in love with the practice of strong flowing practice, incorporating my knowledge of movement and anatomy into strong vinyasa and power.  My philosophy over the years has formed into the idea of achieving a sense of 360 degree movement for our bodies and educating students so that they can walk away from class with enough knowledge for a confident self practice. Moving in a way on the mat that can benefit us with everyday movement and mobility. Expect a dynamic flow, creative sequencing, music to groove to and a touch of juicy yin!





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